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To connect to your camera by wired (Android version):

  • Make sure your phone has OTG connection supported
    • Some Android systems need to manually turn on OTG settings in the system settings
  • Turn off the USB Power Supply option from your camera
  • Make sure PC Remote setting from your camera is turned on
    • If not, navigate to:
      • [a7S III / FX3] Network -> Transfer/Remote -> PC Remote Function -> PC Remote -> On
      • [a7R IV / a7c] Network -> PC Remote Function -> PC Remote -> On
      • [Other] Setup -> USB Connection -> PC Remote
      • Also PC Remote Cnct Method needs to be set to USB
  • Connect your camera to the phone with a USB cable
  • Now your camera’s information should be appeared on the screen, if not, please check if the above steps are correct
  • Click Enter
  • Your phone may pop up an prompt window asking for allowing Monitor+ to connect to the USB device, click Allow

Cable requirements:

  • If your phone and camera both have USB-C ports: Any of USB-C to USB-C cable should works fine

For A7S III, FX3:

For A7c, A7R IV:


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